Alan Ball

Alan Ball is the pastor of Carr Township Baptist Church and has been in the ministry for over 20 years.

Alan was born in Okinawa, Japan to a Vietnam war veteran and was raised by his parents with a set of high morals and a hard work ethic in the small town of Borden, IN. As a young man, he was heavily involved in organized sports and a lover of the great outdoors.

While attending a local secular college, Alan met his wife Marcie and they later married in 1994. The next year, while working as an electrician for his family’s business a faithful couple invited them to their house and he would be confronted with the truth of the Gospel. That night, Alan trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and his life would be gloriously changed!

Just after trusting Christ, Alan started working heavily with the youth ministry at his church and his burden for youth and the next generation of young men would begin. He ended up as the youth pastor for 9 years and in 2004 he was voted in as the senior pastor of Carr Township Baptist Church.

Alan has a unique heart for young men and their development(which includes his own sons). It is his desire to help raise a generation of young men who are respectful, loving, hardworking, and dedicated to their families. He also has a burden to lead others to Christ and to encourage them to be prepared for a lifetime of service to the Lord.